The aim of this project is to co-create artwork to reflect the stories of the past, present and future of this special place working closely with residents and neighbours of Blackwall Reach. The intention is for residents to feel ownership and connection to the artworks and for it to reflect the unique identity of its communities.
This timeline outlines the process of community engagement, co-design and co-build elements of this project. 

What happened so far: 

In June and July through a series of pop-up events around the area we collected local people’s thoughts on 'what brings you joy?'. After carefully bringing all the pieces of feedback together, we came up with three final themes for the artworks: Discovery, Community and Playfulness.


In October we took all these amazing ideas and put them into the mix to create a set of prototypes for you to try and test out. We want to know what do you think about these ideas and how we’ve interpreted your thoughts. 

During the months of November and December last year, we ran 4 zine making workshops. One at the Dock Coffee, a local coffee shop based just a few stone throws away from the station; and three sessions at The Hub Reach. We were overwhelmed by the number of participation, amazed at all the brilliant designs and ideas that we have received. All the visuals and written ideas collected will help us to refine and eventually finalise our design for artworks.

Keep in touch, we really want to hear from you. 

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We want to collect and catalogue your experiences so that we can use these to inform the design process.

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