In 2021 Swan Housing Association, make:good and Bow Arts are working with local residents to create meaningful public artworks that gives residents a sense of ownership and connection to this special place in Blackwall Reach.

We want you to be a key part of shaping this work. We want to collect and catalogue your experiences of joy and use them throughout the design process. There are some exciting up and coming opportunities to be creative and to provide your input.

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Taxonomy is the naming and classifying of things like plants and animals. When it comes to the Taxonomy of Joy, we are collecting and cataloguing the things that matter most to you, to create meaningful public artworks. We want to understand exactly what happiness looks like to the people who live here.

This project aims to engage with as many residents as possible of Blackwall Reach to develop a narrative for the Millennium Green. The final artworks will be embedded with local narrative, shaped by origins of joy.

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Explore different ways you can get involved with this project, take a look at upcoming workshops and events, downloadable activities and online content to view and listen to.

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